Društvo LJUDMILA, Slovenska 54
OSMO nadstropje, Avtotehna

pošta: Rozmanova 12
SI-1000 Ljubljana
e: info@ljudmila.org
t: +386 1 426 9530
f: +386 1 426 9531

pon,tor,čet,pet 9h-14h
vstop prost


Piflab logo sajt I.jpg WHEN: Friday afternoons

WHERE: osmo/za, Slovenska 54, Ljubljana

A reoccurring series of Ljudmila's evening events and meet ups called PifLab stands for sharing knowledge, experiences and ideas in the fields of DIY, DITO, open source, creativity and new media. PifLab or just „open Fridays“ is here for all the amateur and professional makers and developers with an idea or just a strong wish, but without sufficient technological skills and equipment. Don't expect a serious workshop with mentors – it's an open event, you have to participate by yourself and work within a group, rather than just follow someone's instructions. Ljudmila will only open its Lab doors wide enough, so anybody can join!

PIFlabs in 2018

First PIFlab

On the 4th of Friday grand PifLab opening with Dr. Marc Dusseiller! We'll learn how to prepare a PCB board via DIY etching. Bring your own PCB plans for printing, Ljudmila will take care of chemicals and machines. Also, try to bring your own copper board! You can also use our drill machine if you wanna make holes in the PCB. We'll publish our plans via internet, but we don't promise it.