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Soda 4060 Workshop

4060, pins and LFO/CV sequencer

DATE: Friday, March 2 2018 | 5 PM
LOCATION: osmo/za, Slovenska 54, 1000 Ljubljana (8th floor)

Soda 4060.jpg

This PIFlab will be dedicated to creative learning of the basic principles of connecting audio circuits. Staš Vrenko will present concepts of non-linear feedback, logic circuits, circuit-bending and physical processing of sound. So with common topics that every DIY synth nerd is dealing with, and with which the young artist intensely faced last year while developing his first semi-modular synth Soda.

You can also build your won Soda at the event, but the main focus will be on constructing LFO / CV sequencer using 4060 logic IC in a simple but attractive pin-rhombus form. Bring your own synths (with CV input, voltage-controllable) you can connect to the sequencer.


Workshop is free of charge. Bring your own materials (see list of components below), you can also get if for 10€ at the event (please announce yourself to delavnica@ljudmila.org). Soda kits will also be available for 30€.

List of components

  • IC 4060
  • 16-pin IC holder
  • POT 500k LIN x 2
  • Resistor 1K
  • Resistor 10K
  • Capacitor 10n (103)
  • Perf-board (5 x 5 cm)

Production: Ljudmila, Art and Science Laboratory in collaboration with osmo/za. PIFlab events are supported my Municipality if Ljubljana, Department for Culture.