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Adela 2023 (en)

International Festival of Generative Arts

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DATE: 17-19 November 2023
LOCATION: Kino Šiška, Ljubljana and osmo/za


Adela explores the practices arising in the expanded field of generative arts. It considers artworks as algorithms embedded in (im)material infrastructures and observes them as emergent machines and open systems in which human and other agents engage in the production of possible worlds.

It works to open up the material and cultural aspects of generative systems and encourage alternative entry points to their exploration – through the lens of open code, creative coding, media archaeology, fabrication processes and experimental electronics – to establish transformative practices and aesthetics to counter the dominant techno-cultural currents.

In this edition, Adela probes and models generative analogue-digital entanglements that fuse traditional techniques with automated processes, thus widening the field of generativity across divisions between the virtual and the material, the mechanical and the computational.


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The festival also includes the exhibition Steering the Brush by Dominik Mahnič (on display at Match Gallery until 5. 11.) and the Digital Dish series in Razpotja magazine.

Algorithmic patterns

Date: 18 November 2023 | 10.00–16.00
Location: Kino Šiška
Participation: The workshop is free of charge, advance application is mandatory. APPLY HERE

The workshop will focus on patterns created using algorithmic processes and will be led by internationally renowned live coders Iván Paz, Lizzie Wilson, Dave Griffiths and Alex McLean.

More information on the workshop


After last year's successful Slovenian algorave debut we will programme your dance steps once again, this time under a new code. Read more about Adela's Algorave here.



Parameter is an art fair dedicated to the presentation and sale of works that creatively use generative and algorithmic tools, methods or ideations for creating analogue-digital entanglements. It presents practices such as generative plotting, algorithmic weaving, analogue computing and synthetic sculptures.

The fair also aims to expand the field of “intermedia” art and to support creative developments taking place outside the established local production frameworks.

Read more about Parameter here.

From Scratch

The Adela Festival of Generative Arts will open on Friday, 17 November at osmo/za. You are most welcome to join us for an improvised From Scratch live coding session.

From Scratch is a relaxed jam session with only two rules:

  • 1) Each coder has exactly 9 minutes to create a musical or visual piece from a blank screen.
  • 2) Regardless of the result - and especially if there is no result - the audience MUST reward the performer with a round of applause exactly 9 minutes after the beginning of coding.

The performances will start at 20:00, but feel free to join us at 19:00 for a casual hang-out with the Adela Festival participants. We hope to see you there – either behind the keyboard or in the audience!

Digital Dish

At the closing event of the Adela Festival of Generative Arts, Maks Valenčič and Robert Bobnič will provide further contextualisation of the theoretical contributions by artists and theorists Eryk Salvaggio, Wolfgang Ernst and Kanad Chakrabarti.

Through different approaches, the authors analyse the reach of contemporary generative technologies, through a reactualisation of methods from the past (Salvaggio), an analysis of the (techno)lógos of the machine itself (Ernst), and a speculative reflection on whether artificial super intelligence can be creative (Chakrabarti).

This year's series is curated by Maks Valenčič.
Read more about Digital Dish on the osmo/za website.


International Festival of Generative Arts
17–19 November 2023, Kino Šiška and osmo/za

Programme curators: Maja Burja, Luka Frelih, Katja Pahor

Participants: Dominik Mahnič, Lizzie Wilson, Iván Paz, Alex McLean, Dave Griffiths, digital selves, badcirculation (Antonio Roberts, Maria Witek), Ansambel PRSA, Flor de Fuego (Florencia Alonso), hellocatfood, Luka Prinčič, Blaž Pavlica, Neža Knez - knnz, Rosemary Lee, Matej Mihevc, Blaž Miklavčič, Kobeiagi kilims (Ivana Blaž in Nina Mršnik), Dorijan Šiško, Nejc Trampuž, Liselotte Van Daele, Ava Zevop, Brin Žvan in Mathias Schifter, Jernej Županič, Kanad Chakrabarti, Eryk Salvaggio, Wolfgang Ernst, Maks Valenčič, Robert Bobnič

Production team: Maja Burja, Luka Frelih, Robert Mohorič, Katja Pahor, Tine Vrabič
Press and social media: Jan Drozg, Lina Steiner
Visual identity: Neža Knez - knnz
Photo documentation: Katja Goljat
Video documentation: Maj Vrenko
Technician: Valter Udovičić

Production: Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory (2023)
Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Ljubljana.
Coproduction: Kino Šiška, Galerija Vžigalica (MGML), revija Razpotja (DHG)

Dominik Mahnič: Steering the Brush (19. 9.–5. 11. 2023, Match Gallery)
Curator: Jani Pirnat
Production: Muzej in galerije mesta Ljubljane

Digital Dish in Razpotja magazine (XIV, 54)
Article authors: Eryk Salvaggio, Kanad Chakrabarti, Wolfgang Ernst
Section editor: Maks Valenčič

Thanks: Anže Zorman, Creative Coding Utrecht (Fabian van Sluijs), servus.at (Davide Bevilacqua)