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Prostori: osmo/za

Adela: Algorave (en)


Algorave 1920x1080.png Design: Neža Knez - knnz

DATE: 18 November 2023 | 20:00–00:30
LOCATION: Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
PASSWORD: Free entry!

After last year's successful algorave debut we will programme your dance steps once again. This time under a new code: ADELA.

Live coding is a performative genre of creative coding in which visuals, sounds or music are created by writing code in front of an audience and in real-time (with the performer’s screens prominently shown or projected), allowing the audience to enjoy the performance and gain insight into the creative process at the same time.

Eight top international and regional representatives of live coding will take us on a mission into unexplored worlds of creative coding and abstract clubbing. You are welcome to join the global algorithmic movement!


KAT1468.jpg KAT1917.jpg KAT1313.jpg KAT1602.jpg KAT1902 Adela.jpg Photos: Katja Goljat


badcirculation (UK)
Antonio Roberts and Maria Witek use live coding software (Tidal Cycles + Troop) to collaboratively live code experimental techno and house, pursuing a high energy aesthetic that is both heavy and groovy.
Badcirculation credits-ray.jpg

digital selves (UK)
London-based musician who uses live coded algorithms to create computer music re-contextualising club culture, experimental art and human-computer interaction.
Lizzie W. credits Jonathan Reus XL 20230901 204923805.MP.jpg

Luka Prinčič (SI)
Musician, performer and intermedia artist who has presented his works in the field of computer and electronic music, sound art, intermedia installations and performance at numerous venues at home and abroad.
Luka Princic.jpg

PRSA Ensemble (SI)
PRSA Ensemble will use Adela as an opportunity to dive into some local music history. They will seek guidance in Yugoslavian prog rock, simultaneously translating and reinstrumenting it in electronic audio and video, while using its characteristics and recognisable patterns to perform episodic improvisations.
PRSA - a-dela - sorted mash - promo 1.jpg

Iván Paz (ES)
Iván Paz likes to investigate how the intersection between science, arts and humanities offers new creative possibilities, in particular, how we interact with machine learning algorithms and the use of code as a real-time interface.
Ivan Paz photo.jpeg

Flor de Fuego (ARG)
Flor de Fuego it’s a digital-craft artist who mainly works with programming and live coding in order to create performative experiences. Her research centres on concepts like the body, space, code and chaos.
Flor de Fuego .png

hellocatfood (UK)
hellocatfood is an artist and musician based in Birmingham, UK. For his audiovisual performances he uses software including Pure Data and TidalCycles to explore the creative potential of algorithms, glitches, and feedback loops.
23965429437 a81d104822 o - Antonio Roberts.jpg.1280x720 q85 crop-,.jpg

Blaž Pavlica (SI)
Audio-visual artist, audio engineer, DJ and programmer designed hacking and coding workshops for children and youth in collaboration with Ljudmila, and is currently working on the updates for his ambisonic dome.
Blaz Pavlica@algorave22.jpg


Production: Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory (2023)
Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Ljubljana.
Coproduction: Kino Šiška, Match Gallery (MGML), Razpotja magazine (DHG)