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Tempered Sound Daemon

I was thinking of something like a collaborative synthesizer, kind of like polymorph (http://www.sonicstate.com/synth/quasimidi_polymorph.cfm), but for multiple users. Simple, yet powerful.

Gamepads are nice, but I would really like to support more sophisticated input devices, too.

Make machine useful for musicians. Support MIDI controllers. Precise timing. We need some good music.

A lot of software is already written. Should we use Jack?

Maddening limitations. Endless possibilities.

Daemon is a nice name. It takes care of rhythm. Hence tempered. LiveCD is great idea, but will need compatible hardware, etc.

I would very much like to emphasize rhythm in general and with sequencers and patterns. I'm currently interested in various methods to input chord tonics and harmonies and have synced arpeggiators play them.

Of course, strange sounds should be supported, too.

Drums are very important too, but I don't know anything abut this now.

Main objects: players, songs, patterns, voices, screens

Library of patterns and voices

Make it play great playing cheezy songs. Include non-cheezy demos.

Voices should appear on 3D display(s). Sound is more important than 3D.

Sound quality should be awesome. We should probably support several of the best soft-synths.

Support EMU10K too (maybe?) It could reduce CPU usage and you can have more than 1.

Since the machine should be interesting to musicians, it should be used by many users, who will hopefully create many great masterpieces :-)

I know of at least two other people I would like to use this with in the future, so the feature set must be right.

We should beta-test with them, too anyway. The both like and use linux.

Implementing this perfectly will typically take far more time than anticipated.

What small improvements can we make to the current system?

I like the idea of cartoon teen band. It's a bit like a band of robots.

Budget is a bit problematic.

Yea, this is cool idea! But I think this can be implemented in Blender since it will have in the near future Nodes & Verse. AFAIK Ton was associated somewhere with a MIDI implementation, so... this will be fun! I see here problem with a OS platforms compatibility. Indeed, Jackd can be major candidate to solve this problem... --Igor 10:12, 26 May 2006 (CEST)