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Rosi Grillmair (en)

Digital Dish: Humans mimicking AI (Presentation and talk with the artist)

DATE: Monday, 22 February 2021 | 18.00
LOCATION: online


About the event

You are kindly invited to an online presentation and talk with artist, programmer and lecturer Rosi Grillmair, who will present her artistic practice, interests and influences.

These range from researching the new media art system, engaging in open source communities and maker culture, through a fascination with algorithms, logical language and procedural epistemology to artificial intelligence and the mind-boggling games that can be easily derived from them.

After introducing her path so far she will introduce the new project that is currently under development as part of her residency at osmo/za. A dialogue with the audience is highly appreciated and will be most likely reflected in the presentation in March.

»During my residency in Ljubljana, I want to explore the field of artificial intelligence in arts – why we make machines mimic humans, and why humans mimic machines. [...] While we try to get machines to behave more human-like, be it a robot, a chat-bot or a logistics system, we have also developed a canon for how a machine behaves when it pretends to be human. [...] This canon – be it AI-aided image creations, the language of chat-bots or the way an android moves – is the target of my exploration in Ljubljana. One source of inspiration is the writer Italo Calvino. While writing his novels and short stories, he often used different logic formulas, also stemming from cybernetics and computer science as an underlying pattern. While being creative, he attempted to follow strict and logical rules, not dissimilar to how a machine executes a program.«

A warm Digital Dish guaranteed!


> About the residential project: https://wiki.ljudmila.org/Artist-in-residence:_Rosi_Grillmair
> Impressions at the start of the residence: https://remonychallange.wordpress.com/2021/02/16/the-city-and-city/
> Exhy. A Curation service (2015): https://exhy1.wordpress.com
> The Art Retriever (2014): https://theartretriever.wordpress.com/page/2/
> Code and Poetry An Exploration of Logic throughout Art, Computation and Philosophy (Grillmair, 2019): https://bit.ly/39LFZZ8

Production: Ljudmila, Art and Science Laboratory, and Projekt Atol Institute.

With support from the Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Ljubljana – Department for Culture, and JSKD – Public Fund for Cultural Activities. The project is part of EASTN-DC Network, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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