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Queer OS

Workshop Queer OS – operating system for fags, radical fairies and questioning nerds 726pix Duration: 10 hours (3 meetings)

Dates: Wednesday, March 6 (12 am– 2 pm), Thursday, March 7 (11 am–3 pm) and Friday, March 8 (12 am – 4 pm)

Location: Ljudmila, Rimska 8, Ljubljana

Mentor: Željko Blaće

Support: Luka Frelih

About the workshop: Join us in a collaborative three-day creative inquiry (brainstorming and prototyping) on what could be queerings of technologies. Using the idea of the Queer Operating System as a paradigm we will look into what is out there and how can normative systems be queered. The goal of of workshop is to inspire creative and critical work in DIY technology, as well as to foreground different social, political, economical and aesthetic issues in technology.

Queer OS workshop plan: Workshop is organized as 3 modular segments (6th, 7th and 8th of March): 1. introduction of participants, presentation of concept and open discussion 2. mapping ideas, approaches, methods of work and prototyping 3. continue prototyping, presentation, joint critique and brainstorm

About mentor: Željko Blaće, worked in digital arts and media culture in Zagreb at Multimedia Institute (since 1999, co-founder), as programer in net.culture club MaMa and int. projects for Multimedia Institute. Participated as speaker/presenter/jury member at international media art events and exhibitions, exhibited as visual/media artist, organized large scale new media conferences, seminars and workshops. Curated and produced exhibitions: "GenArt" (May 2002), "Silent*Observers - streaming media and observation practices" Rijeka (September 2005) and San Diego (June2006), "afterMETAphores" (Sept 2007 - ), "CreativeClusters" (April 2008), "db:ae - database aesthetics" (Sept2008). Co-curated exhibition with Andreas Broeckmann "runtimeART". Was a researcher at at Jan van Eyck Academie on the topic of perception+mediation of public space and image relations. As of 2006 researching phenomena of clustered creativity and issues of queering/de-normalization of sport as doctoral student at PhD Arts program as of 2010. http://zeljko.blace.name/

Registration: No application fee, the workshop will be in English/Croatian/Slovenian. Attendees should bring their own laptops. Number of participants is limited. Apply by e-mail: delavnica@ljudmila.org.

The workshop is a cooproduction between Ljudmila and Red Dawns Festival and is supported by Ministry of Education, Science, Culutre and Sport.