Rozmanova ulica 12
1000 Ljubljana
Prostori: osmo/za

Oscilloscope Graphic Artist Workshop

Create exciting, computer generated, three-dimensional drawings on your oscilloscope! Workshop is part of Vector Hack Festival.

OGA workshop.jpg

DATE: 6 October | 10 AM – 2 PM
MENTOR: Philip Baljeu
LOCATION: osmo/za, Slovenska 54, 1000 Ljubljana
REGISTRATION: delavnica@ljudmila.org

About the Workshop

The Oscilloscope Graphic Artist (OGA) project was initially designed by Mitchell Waite and published in Popular Electronics Magazine. The project consists of a Time Base Oscillator, two Shape Oscillators, a Detail Oscillator, two Phase Shifts, two Multipliers, and Signal Mixers. From this list you might think the project would be complicated, but it is actually quite easy and even beginners will be comfortable. Everything is included to be able to generate interesting Oscilloscope Graphics. The OGA can be powered from either two 9 volt batteries, or a eurorack power supply. Workshop participants will be walked through the operation principles and the construction of the project.

About the mentor

Phil Baljeu is a self taught video and sound artist living in Toronto, Canada using self-designed and built electronic instruments to generate audio/visual compositions. Baljeu’s focus is on abstract imagery and textures, often using traditional imagery such as portraits and architecture and manipulating them into alien video sculptures and light paintings.



Due to massive interest and not enough spaces at the Vector Hack workshops, attendance per participant is limited to one workshop. With that we can offer as many people as possible equal opportunity to participate. We Thank you for your understanding & collegiality.

The participation fee for the workshop is 25 € and needs to be settled before the start of the workshop on-site. The fee covers expenses for materials, the workshop product remains in your possession. The workshop will be held in English. The number of participants is limited, so please apply/announce yourself at delavnica@ljudmila.org.

Workshop is part of Vector Hack Festival, which is produced by Radiona in co-production with Ljudmila Art and Scinece Laboratory and Projekt Atol Institute. The Ljubljana edition is supported by the Slovene Ministry of Culture and MOL – Department for Culture.