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OMSynth Workshop

Join us at series of lectures, meet Ljudmila’s artist in residence Peter Edwards aka Casperelectronics and learn about the wild world of musical electronics.

Acideghc.png DATE: June 4th, June 12th & June 19th // 6pm – 10pm
MENTOR: Peter Edwards
LOCATION: Ljudmila, Rimska 8, 1000 Ljubljana
APPLY: delavnica@ljudmila.org

In June Edwards will be holding free studio sessions (instructional lectures and workshops) every week, where you can learn about electronics and build your own experimental musical instruments. The workshops will be based on a circuit exploration tool called the OMSynth MiniLab. The kit for the MiniLab will be available for purchase before the workshops. A few assembled kits will be available to use at the workshop (first come first serve) for those who want to learn without buying anything.

Studio session format

Each studio session will be broken into 3 parts:

  • 6pm // Building - Kits and soldering supplies will be available for those who want to build an OMSynth MiniLab.
  • 8pm // Learning (please be on time!). An introduction to the operation and electrical theory behind a range of musical electronics building blocks and invention techniques.
  • 9pm // Inventing - A hands on exploration of the topics discussed in the lecture.

Schledule (Subject to change)

  • June 4th: Oscillators & sensors The core of almost any noise circuit... and everything else.
  • June 12th: Sequencers, modulators & event generators Making your oscillators sing.
  • June 18th: Lets build an echo. Why not.

What is the OMSynth MiniLab?

The MiniLab is a musical electronics invention tool that is part electronics learning lab, part musical instrument and gives you everything you need to build, hack and play with a wide range of experimental sound circuits. The MiniLab is completely portable. Build circuits in the woods, play music in a cave, impress your pets.

  • Flexible power section accepts batteries and/or standard guitar pedal power supply.
  • 3 channel audio mixer.
  • Amplifier with built in speaker and volume control.
  • Stereo headphone output jack.
  • 2 modular audio jacks for connecting to external equipment.
  • RGB LED & 3 channel LED driver.
  • Light sensor (connected to LED).
  • 5 modular potentiometers.
  • 1 modular pushbutton/slider switch.
  • 3 touch sensors.

Cost & How to apply?

Attendance at the lectures and workshops are free.
OMSynth MiniLab kit: *special* Ljudmila discount + a pack of basic electronic components for building oscillators = 35 € (half off normal price)
Workshop supplies per workshop (if you want to take them home): 5-10euro

Apply to delavnica@ljudmila.org.

Age & experience level

We will be talking quite a lot about electrical theory and complex signal architectures. So it may be terribly boring for some younger folks. 15+ is the intended audience but younger children accompanied by an adult are also welcome.
All are welcome, from complete beginners to hardened pros. Whether you have the OMSynth V1 (from last year’s workshop), the NEW V3, or no OMSynth at all! Bring your own electronics and crazy synth creations and follow along however you like (really! We want to see crazy instruments).


All materials will be provided but participants are encouraged to bring their own supplies to experiment with.


For more questions email Peter at pete@casperelectronics.com.

Art and education programme at Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory is supported by the Slovene Ministry of Culture (in the co-production with Zavod Projekt Atol), MOL – Department for Culture and Employment Service of Slovenia.

Residency is part of Changing Weathers project, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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