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Ljudmila's Free Timeslot (LFT)

Ljudmila's Free Timeslot (LFT) is dedicated to free software and hardware, free culture and communities based around free principles and solutions. Each Tuesday when LFT happens in the osmo/za venue, it will begin with a thematic lecture, followed by a debate, exchange of experiences and socialising.

If you have a suggestion for a topic or a lecturer we could host at LFT, please feel free to contact us at info@ljudmila.org.

Mastodon & Toot.si

April 3 2018 at 7PM

Mastodon is currently the world's largest free and decentralized microblogging network based on open source. The project doesn't have a central server, it's rather a network with more than 3000 independent nodes (instances). They allow life and integration with diverse communities whose members are free to decide on networking rules. Mastodon already has over a million and a half users .

Luka Prinčič (Kamizdat / Emanat) will present the wider context and current development of decentralised and federated networks (Fediverse & The Federation), more specifically the Mastodon project and the Slovenian Mastodon node Toot.SI . This instance was created in autumn 2017, but it is still waiting for Slovene users. Social networking can be free again and ours!

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