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Prostori: osmo/za

Laser tags (en)

Dates and locations:

  • 8th of May 2009 at Jakopič Gallery, after the dark we move to SEM. As a part of Festival pomladi .
  • From 1st till 3rd of October 2008 at Kulturni inkubator Maribor. As a part of [MFRU].
  • 20th of December 2007 at Ljudmili, Rimska 8, Ljubljana, followed by decoration of the public space.

About: in connection with Graffiti Research Labs from New York.

On the workshop we will create a miniature laser projectors called Laser Tags, invented at Ljudmila.


  • One mechanism with a lens from a wasted CD drive
  • Laser pointer
  • Small and thin mirror (eg a piece of mylar)
  • A piece of thin hard wire (eg feet from LED light)
  • Wire for signal
  • Casing - a box
  • Source signal - Arduino or any audio player

Instructions: here

Picture: Jure's piece on Flickr