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Kastle synth

DIY electronical instruments building workshop: build your own Kastle, a mini modular synthesizer. The workshop is part of DIY synth gathering.

Kastle.jpg DATE: 13 MAY | 10am – 3pm
MENTORS: Bastl Instruments
LOCATION: Poligon Creative Center, Tobačna 5, 1000 Ljubljana
REGISTRATION: delavnica@ljudmila.org

About the workshop

Kastle is a mini modular synthesizer with headphone output, 2 in/out ports for interfacing other gear and it runs on just 3 AA batteries. It is DIY friendly and ideal for beginners in modular synthesis, but it will add quite some unique functionality to any modular synthesizer systems. It delivers the fun of modular synthesis at cost and fits into your pocket so you can play it everywhere!

It has unique digital lo-fi sound and it can be melodic as well as very noisy and drony, soft or harsh. It is designed to be fun on its own but it is most powerful when combined with other modular gear.

Kastle is an open source DIY project which runs on two Attiny 85 chips that can be reprogrammed with an Arduino (google: “programming Attiny 85 with Arduino”). One chip is dedicated to sound generation while the other handles modulation. Several firmwares for the Attiny chips are available.

About the mentor

Bastl Instruments is dynamic and community driven company focused on producing hand-made electronic musical instruments. The products we make mainly spring from our needs we have as musicians and range from tabletop instruments and utilities to modules for eurorack modular systems. We are based in Brno, Czech Republic where they also run a small shop called noise.kitchen. It all started in 2011 as Standuino and transformed into Bastl in 2013.


The participation fee for the two-day workshop is 50 € and needs to be settled before the start of the workshop on-site. The fee covers expenses for materials, the workshop product remains in your possession. The workshop will be held in English. The number of participants is limited, so please apply/announce yourself at delavnica@ljudmila.org.

Organised by Ljudmila, Art and Science Laboratory and Projekt Atol Institute. The workshop is a part of DIY synth gathering and Mini Maker Faire Ljubljana. In collaboration with Poligon Creative Center and Zavod 404
With support from Ministry of Culture and Municipality of Ljubljana, Department for Culture.