Rozmanova ulica 12
1000 Ljubljana
Prostori: osmo/za

Graffiti jam x VJ Graffiti en

  • Ljubljana Street Art Festival
  • Date: Saturday, 2 July at 12:00 (graffiti); from 21:30 (VJ mapping)
  • Location: Hall of Fame (basketball court behind Hostel Celica), Metelkova Mesto

Hall of Fame will again come to life during a day of sprays, rollers and video projections. More than thirty members of the graffiti scene will once again take part in the group black-and-white mural painting, and their creations will then be video-mapped by VJs with audio-reactive visualisations in the evening. The cherry on top of the experience where street and digital art meet live will be the musical accompaniment by DJ Dulash.

VJ Lineup:

VJ-Grafiiti 2021 3.png


Co-produced by V2V, the Ljudmila Association and the Osmo/za consortium.
The project is part of the EASTN-DC network, co-financed by the European Union Creative Europe programme.
Thanks to: Projekt Atol Institute, Forum Ljubljana, Kersnikova Institute