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Digital Dish @ Ljudmila: Oscar Martin

Oscar Martin: Extreme Attractors // Hands-on lecture and sound performance with the co-operation of Cirkulacija 2 and Projekt Zavod Atol
Date: Friday, November 27th at 7pm & Saturday, November 28th
Location: Ljudmila, Rimska 8, Ljubljana and Cirkulacija 2, Tobačna

Extreme atractors.png

At the last Digital Dish in this years we are going to learn about experimental and algoritmical computer music, complex and chaotic system, boids, magical math functions and noise. We are going to use Pure Data (opensource programming visual language) as a main code tool. We are going to connect different audio modules and generative math functions to create infernal repetitions of bass lines and unpredictable bifurcations to build sonic trips through chaotic labyrinths with dead end road, strange noise attractors and acid dimensions.

Oscar Martin (Winthertur, 1977) is an artist, independent researcher and programmer working in the field of algorithmic poetic and the study of generative and chaotic systems applied to artistic context in different formats: sound art, installations, performance, radio-net-art. Martin is also behind MetaminaFNR a streaming platform and he is editor of the magazine UrsonateFanzine about aural culture and experimental music. He has conducted numerous workshops on creative and open source tools (FLOSS), generative systems and computer music. Part of the collective Minipimer.tv resident since 2009 in the art center HANGAR.ORG. From the sound aspect of his work Martin propose an active listening and expansion of ours perception through the physical-acoustic experience of emergence behauvior in the limits of the chaotic and order structures.

Bring your laptops!

The Educational and Art Programme of Društvo Ljudmila, Art and Science Laboratory is supported by Ministry of Culture (in coproduction with Projekt Atol Institute) and City Municipality of Ljubljana – Department for Culture.