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DIY synth gathering

The first DIY synth showcase in Ljubljana!

DATE: May 13 2017 | 11 AM – 7 PM
LOCATION: Poligon Creative Center, Tobačna 5, Ljubljana | Part of Mini Maker Faire Ljubljana.



The popularity of DIY synthesizers has long since surpassed the interests of a handful of individuals. Shifting from the musical-engineering underground, their presence is growing - we are witnessing a global phenomena of the DIY movement driven by heterogeneous artists, who are discovering new ways of musical expression with DIY devices. The authenticity of sound and unique interfaces offer endless possibilities of modularity, connectivity, upgrades and distinctive hacks. Quite often during live performances.

The first ever DIY synth gathering in Ljubljana will examine this phenomenon in detail: we will present local and foreign DIY synth makers and present a wide range of instruments from unique modular synths, electromechanical sequencers, wearable ATTinys, to buzzing, flashing and touch-sensitive audio-gadgets of all shapes and sizes.The all-day fair program, full of workshops, presentations, debates, mingling and AV performances will satisfy everyone in the field of electronic sound devices - from learned scholars to amateur enthusiasts and complete newbies. Come and try them out!



  • 10AM – 3PM | Workshop Bastl Instruments: Kastle
  • 11AM – 6PM | Showcase
  • 3PM – 6PM | Talks & lectures
  • 6PM | Round table
  • 8PM | Performances


May 11 & 12
Gijs Gieskes: Perma-patch | for experts and hardware hackers

May 13
Bastl Instruments: Kastle | for modular synth fans

May 14
Borut Savski: Cirkulino 4 | Arduino sequencer for advanced users (organised by Cirkulacija 2 with support from JSKD) | TBA

May 15 & 16
Constanza Piña: NoisyJacket | for beginners and fans of wearables and e-textiles (in co-operation with ČIPke Initiative and Rampa Lab) | TBA


  • 3PM Constanza Piña: DIY synth: noise, love, errors & horrors
  • 3.20PM Michael Page: Ravers Of The Lost Arp
  • 3.40PM Borut Savski: Cirkulino
  • 4PM Staš Vrenko: Connective
  • 4.30PM Radiona & Theremidi Orchestra: How to make a DIY synth community
  • 5PM Gijs Gieskes
  • 5.30PM Vaclav Peloušek: The Bastl Community: the people and the synthesizers
  • 6PM Round table on DIY synths

Do you want to participate?

Attendance is free, but you need to reserve your ticket here. If you'd like to present your synths please write to delavnica@ljudmila.org.

The event is part of Mini Maker Faire Ljubljana and is a co-operation between Ljudmila, Art and Science Laboratory (curated and produced by Tina Dolinšek), Projekt Atol Institute (produced by Uroš Veber), Poligon Creative Center and Institute 404. With support from Ministry of Culture and Municipality of Ljubljana, Department for Culture.