Rozmanova ulica 12
1000 Ljubljana
Prostori: osmo/za

Artist-in-Residence: Servando Barreiro (en)


About the artist

Servando Barreiro is a sound artist, coder and open source (software and hardware) enthusiast, living and working in Berlin. In his interactive installations and audiovisual performances he explores the expression potential of open source technology and new media. He participated at many international new media festivals and exhibitions (Transmediale, Transforma, Liwoli, Piksel, Eye for and Ear, …) and is an internationally acclaimed mentor for conducting PD (Pure Data) courses. The broad spectrum of his interests also includes experimenting with different sensors, research and development of interactive audiovisual systems, video mapping projections, laser performances, VJ-ing as well as hacking and transforming of different devices into musical instruments.

Audio Computer

This application parts from a personal exploration about the music computer which is an utopia that doesn't exist. Many people conformed with how the things are will tell you that if you want to make an audio computer, you just buy good quality computer and then you add the software, a sound card, a controller, etc.. But then we have a bunch of things that conform your own and personal attempt to make the audio computer which will have many disadvantages like the inability to share some specific software due to differences between the hardware (controllers/sound cards), the mess of cables, connectors, adapters, (unportable). Or the massive distraction due to unnecessary software, utilities, screen stuff, etc..

Clearly, an Audio computer should be equipped with a multichannel audio interface, high quality line/mic preamps, integrated hardware controller, midi interface, cv interface. Minimal LCD display for optional performance feedback and DSP chips easily addressable for a flexible hi-quality / low latency audio synthesis/processing. And all this must fit in a portable an efficient package that will allow us for portable setups/recording on the go and optionally a vga/dvi connector for the studio set up when/where we usually create the patches, sessions, sequences, etc that later will be used live.

Final presentation of the residency and demonstration of the Audio computer will happen at the EarZoom2014 festival in ŠKUC Gallery.

Performances and workshops

Production: Ljudmila, Art and Science Laboratory
Co-production: Zavod Projekt Atol

Residency was supported by Municipality of Ljubljana, Department for Culture and Ministry of Culture.