Rozmanova ulica 12
1000 Ljubljana
Prostori: osmo/za


In short:

Basic Services:

  • DNS hosting (but no .com domain names)
  • www, ftp, e-mail etc. servers
  • e-mail accounts + aliases
  • use of databases (mysql, postgres, perl, php ...)
  • use of mailing lists (mailman)
  • use of online collaborative tools (mediawiki ...)
  • backup
  • no disk space limitation (but we're counting on moderate and savvy use)

Basic Conditions:

  1. purpose of use: for non-profit, NGO (non governmental) research, art, culture, ecology, human rights, ethnic conflict eradication, improving conditions for underprivileged and endangered entities, etc. purposes only (our internet access is provided by national Academic and Research Network - ARNES)
  2. content: no intolerant content of any kind
  3. use of open source software is preferred and encouraged
  4. user accounts are open after the user (legal entity or individual) files-in a form "request for username", accompanied by a description of the organization/person and a description of a particular project by which the purpose of using Ljudmila's servers is clearly in no conflict with the aims and conditions of Ljudmila and the Academic and Research Network. (I'm afraid we don't have the English version of the request form yet, but will make one, if you decide to get an account with Ljudmila).

Technical info:

  • servers run on linux (apache ...)
  • for the use of database you have to request for additional username/psw
  • admin contact = br0ken /at/ mail.ljudmila.org

Billing info:

Ljudmila c/o KUD France Prešeren is non-for-profit organization with fluctuating public and other funding. It has to gather the majority of the funds itself, so the users have to participate as well.

The participation doesn't depend on the services you use and there's no disk space limit, but the quantity of user accounts does make a difference.

Currently the annual participation for a legal entity (i.e. organization, institution ...) = EUR 100 (V.A.T. included). Every additional user account of the same legal entity = additional EUR 50/account/year.

The payments are to be realized through bank transfers based on the invoice issued by Ljudmila c/o KUD once a year, normally at opening the accounts.