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8bit Mixtape NEO (en)

8bit Mixtape NEO workshop with Marc Dusseiller.

8BIT Mixtape 2019.png

DATE: 22 January 2019 | 5 – 11 PM
MENTOR: Marc Dusseiller
LOCATION: osmo/za, Slovenska 54, 1000 Ljubljana
REGISTRATION: delavnica@ljudmila.org

About the workshop

Participants will assemble the Mixtape NEO, a lo-fi 8Bit synthesizer based on the Arduino-compatible ATTINY85, featuring 2 Pots, 2 Buttons and 8 addressable RGB Neo-pixels. The key feature of the new 8Bit Mixtape NEO is the easiness of uploading new codes using an audio communication protocol, just by playing a .wav sound file from your computer, smartphone or walkman.

About the mentor

Dr. Marc R. Dusseiller is a nomadic researcher and workshopologist. He is part of the Center for Alternative Coconut Research and co-founder of SGMK and the Hackteria network. Before traveling the world for making DIY / DIWO laboratories for creative biological experimentation with living media, Marc entered the world of DIY electronics, designing printed circuit boards for synthesizers and organizing workshops and festivals mostly in Zürich, Taipei, and Yogyakarta. He also loves coconuts.


The participation fee for the workshop is 40 € and needs to be settled before the start of the workshop on-site. The fee covers expenses for materials, the workshop product remains in your possession. The workshop will be held in English. The number of participants is limited, so please apply/announce yourself at delavnica@ljudmila.org.

The workshop is organized in cooperation with the Zagreb-based hackerspace Radiona. The educational programme Ljudmila - the Laboratory for Science and Art is supported by the Slovene Ministry of Culture (in the co-production with Zavod Projekt Atol), MOL – Department for Culture and the EASTN-DC Network, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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