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1000 Ljubljana
Prostori: osmo/za

Yes No Maybe

Artist-in-Residence: Nedine Kachornnamsong

Project Description

Technology has often been portrayed as an antagonist that alters the structure of humanity. On the other hand, new aspects of human behaviour are evolving with the help of new technology. They reflect the way we see ourselves in the world – a reflection of our desires.

Yes / No / Maybe is an interactive installation and a social event which transports online dating elements into a physical setting. The displacement of virtuality into a physical setting is an attempt to dispense with the techno-utopian/dystopian view and a means to question the concept of humanity and its dualism politics.

Visitors will receive tags containing chips which will transmit signals that will influence the color of light in the environment near them. The colors are yellow, green and red and come from traffic lights; they reflect the level of the individuals’ interest in socialising. The three fundamental principles of online dating (anonymity, declaring the level of interest, and the playful atmosphere) will be used to create a virtual situation in a real environment.

YNM diagram.jpg

#1 Choose your level of dating availability.
#2 Proximity sensors detects participants’ position.
#3 The system creates a virtual map from participants’ location.
#4 Visualization indicates the level of dating interest and create a mapping into physical location without revealing person’s real identity.

Residency Program: November - December 2009,

Interactive social art event: Yes / No / Maybe

Concept, research, realization: Nedine Kachornnamsong

Programming, advice, realization: Luka Frelih (Ljudmila)

Advice, coordination, organization: Robertina Šebjanič (Ljudmila), Martin Bricelj (MoTA), Neja Tomšič (MoTA)

Produced by: LJUDMILA - Ljubljana Digital Media and Culture Laboratory by KUD France Prešeren Trnovo and MoTA- Museum of Transitory Art

The Code.EP DJ crew: Woo-D, Bakto, Zhe, Dado and Borka will flex up the event musically.

Wednesday, 23. 12. 2009, at 8 pm Moderna galerija café – the first event in the “Moderna galerija hosting others!” series

YesNoMaybe small.jpg

Thx Helena: Helena Božič photos