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"Televotón is a prototype of an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) turned into a direct democratic participation device, a terminal for voting political affairs.

The votings will be possible using an electronic ID card (implemented in some European countries). We introduce our ID and pin in the same way as we do in a regular ATM. Once the identification process is completed, the daily votings will be shown to us, and we will be able to vote, as an example, a proposal submitted to the National Parliament.

As an utopia, this prototype would be part of an electronic voting network, consisting of the current ATM network (the voting functionality would be added to it), and those ATMs withdrawn during the bank restructuring due to the global economic crisis. This network would improve the electronic accessibility: not everybody has a computer at home, but everybody has an ATM just around the corner.

The prototype will consist of a real ATM frontal panel, an obsolete computer and peripherals: keyboards, a screen and a card reader. The software, which will looks like a a bank interface, will be programmed using open source software. This software will send to a web server the votings. The final look of the Televotón container will be decided during the workshop, having into account its mobility and autonomy."


project leader \ Yasmina Morán Conesa (Spain)

collaborators \ Jure Repinc (SI), Andrea Baima (UK/AR), Isac Petruzzi (US), Laia Ros (ES

special thanks \ Vuk Ćosić – net artist, communicator, Vlado Gruden – IT professional for voting system digitation, Simon Ručigaj – IT professional for voting system