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Tadej Droljc in Luka Frelih @ inSonic (ZKM)

Predavanji v okviru festivala inSonic (11.12. – 13.12.2020).


DATUM: petek, 11. december, 16.00 – 19.00 (Symposium Session I)
PRENOS V ŽIVO: https://zkm.de/en/livestream

Tadej Droljc: BEAMBREAKER – Aesthetic research of light-based audiovisual objects

Beambreaker, a work for laser, light, bent mirrors and sound, is Tadej Droljc's latest performance. It deals with volumetric audiovisual objects emerging from the tight synchronisation between broken light beams and broken sounds waves. These objects are multistable – as we observe them, we are not sure if we are listening to the sound of moving light structures, looking at a visual embodiment of sound, or maybe something in-between? In this talk, Tadej will present the creative process and discuss the aesthetics behind Beambreaker.

TADEJ DROLJC is a Slovenian artist and creative coder who works at the intersection of sound, image and light. Tadej has won numerous international awards and presented his works at festivals such as Ars Electronica, L.E.V., Paris Biennale NEMO, Brighton Digital Festival, Semibreve, Inter BEE Tokyo, Marché du film – Festival de Cannes, etc.

Luka Frelih: How do you want to do it? Experiences in Live Coding.

Laptops are the guitars of our time. Jacked into a beamer and sound system, this intimate supercomputing experience is amplified for an auditorium. The stage is set for the contemporary performance of Live Coding.

Making algorithmic and generative creativity live asks all of us some hard questions. How to input our mind and body on a keyboard using abstractions of mathematics and logic? What to expect and how to absorb it? What to prepare for and what to improvise? How deep do we go constructing, manipulating, modulating and reconfiguring the instrument on-the-fly?

We do not want to repeat the past. We do not know all the answers. But we know the first step: Show us your screens!

How to perform or dance, how to watch or listen, that choice we leave to you.

LUKA FRELIH is an artist working with computers and networks, a programmer, free software hacker and web designer. He's been a core member of LJUDMILA since its start in 1994. He keeps joining collaborations connecting technology and art, like Makrolab, ASCII Art Ensemble, Theremidi Orchestra, PIFcamp and pioneering net.art community projects: 7-11, Refresh, Remote-C. He does not own a laptop.

Produkcija: Ljudmila, laboratorij za znanost in umetnost
S finančno podporo Mestne občine Ljubljana – Oddelek za kulturo in Ministrstva za javno upravo. Projekt je del mreže EASTN-DC, ki je sofinancirana s strani Evropske Unije, program Ustvarjalna Evropa.

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