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Strtgm: Land 2.2(en)

Project website

Physical installation was on view from April 22 to May 1 at Design Fest Gent.


About the project

Land 2.2 is an interactive project evolving from the digital to the physical dimension. Participants are invited to visit www.strtgm.xyz and take part in the production of the work. The website consists of three levels. The World page displays 3D models continuously mined from online marketplaces to represent the endless stream of produced objects. Selected models from the World category get integrated into the Shop where they are available for order. The ordered models are consolidated with other orders of the same kind and then displayed on the Artwork page and materialised in a physical installation.

The project directly appropriates the mechanisms of contemporary digital capitalism and addresses agency, participation and collectivity in a capitalist framework. Mimicking a webstore, the project reduces the participants’ agency to the limited scope of consumerist choice and cuts the collective engagement to incidental meetings occurring in delineated platformed environments. By segregating the world into layers of production, consumption and that which remains, it hints at the complex system in which these actions take place. By materialising the results of participation, the work reveals the accumulated consequences in its immediacy.

With digital representations of stones as its primary material, the project examines how these objects are shaped by their “environments” in the widest sense. Following their trajectories, the project looks at how political, economic and technological conditions embed themself in everyday objects, and furthermore, how everyday objects will embed themselves in the landscapes of the future.

About the artist

strtgm builds perspectives of the present and visions of the future, embraces what is collective at different levels of its activity, and moves freely across boundaries between fields and disciplines. Strtgm is currently exploring the mediated nature of our everyday lives, the relationship between modern technology and political processes, and, most broadly, the impact of technology on a wide variety of fields. So far, strtgm has taken part in the 26th International Festival of Computer Art – MFRU: Infrastructure Complex: Transformed Earth (2020) and in the exhibition Let there be Queer! at MGML (2021)..

Artist: strtgm
Website development and visual design: Marko Damiš
Acknowledgements: Maja Burja
Commission and co-production: Design Fest Gent, funded by Flanders.
Co-production: Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory, with support from the Department for Culture of the Municipality of Ljubljana, and KASK School of Arts / HOGENT x Howest.

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