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Strictly Analog presents: RaumZeitPiraten

RaumZeitPiraten: LightRod and ElectricMistletoe
Workshop and a 3-day intervention

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MAY 31 – JUNE 1 | 6 – 9 PM
LightRod Workshop
@ House Layer, Tomšičeva 32, 4000 Kranj // Part of Banksy, Thank You For The Flowers exhibition

JUNE 1 | 9 PM
Collaborative audiovisual light art/light graffiti intervention in the streets of Kranj

JUNE 2 – 4 | 9.30 – 11.30 PM
Public intervention ElectricMistletoe
@ Lightning Guerrilla Festival, Botanical Garden, Ljubljana

LightRod Workshop

DATE: MAY 31 – JUNE 1 | 6 – 9 PM
MENTORS: RaumZeitPiraten
LOCATION: House Layer, Tomšičeva 32, 4000 Kranj
APPLY: info@layer.si

The artists' collective RaumZeitPiraten revive the spirit of traditional shadowplay in a walk through the city of Kranj. Equipped with a self-developed projection instrument which is inspired by one of the oldest projection technology, we move through the city and create constantly new and changing worlds of images and temporarily remodel spaces.

Participants are invited to discover the streets, facades, courtyards and hidden corners by transforming them into a collective projection performance on the fly. In this open experiment, the participants decide about the amount of madness, humor and absurdity in the resulting shadow collages and light graffiti.

The LightRod is an optical instrument from the laboratories of the artists' collective RaumZeitPiraten that allows the player to use translucent objects and artifacts of all kinds for analog image projections. The LightRod was build for visual interactions in public space and for urban interventions.

The LightRod consists of a battery in the grip area, a high-performance LED with adjustable optics, two gripping arms to assembly the object and a lens for focusing the projection.

Participation fee is 10 € / 8 € for students (fee also covers the Banksy, Thank You For The Flowers exhibition). More info on info@layer.si.


3-day public intervention as part of 10th edition of Lightning Guerrilla festival
JUNE 2 – 4 | 9.30 – 11.30 PM
@ Botanical garden, Ljubljana

The experimental series of adaptable light sculptures titled ElectricMistletoe finds inspiration in the mistletoe plant, and plays with the idea of parasitic and symbiotic relations in nature. A set of eclectic devices, characteristic for the work of this German collective, aptly combines technology with art and suddenly appears in populated areas in the true pirate manner. The series of futuristic objects is situated in the organic structures of trees, where they transform during the night time into hubs of a lively dramaturgy of light and shadow. The project thematizes and questions the relations between man and nature, while highlighting the relations between the world of plants and of architecture in the urban space as well.


RaumZeitPiraten is an audiovisual, time and space changing artistic collective, consisting of Tobias Daemgen, Jan Ehlen and Moritz Ellerich. They're operating since 2007 as an art collective that combines the inspirational Einstein's concept of the four-dimensional Raumzeit (space-time) in their name with their 'piratey' duty to freely play with these concepts outside of traditional frames of production. Their site-specific and performative installations create ephemeral models of in-perfect anti-worlds, while their specially made optic-acoustic instruments abuse and reprocess the ancient and modern audio-visual technologies, building heterogeneous, organic and improvised light & sound architectures on the border between science and fiction.

Production: Ljudmila, Art and Science Laboratory, Zavod Projekt Atol, Zavod Carnica & Svetlobna gverila

Project is supported by the Slovene Ministry of Culture and MOL – Department for Culture.