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Strictly Analog Festival 2017

One-day festival of analogue audio-visual performances Strictly Analog Ljubljana 2017.

December 9 2017

Creative Centre Poligon, Tobačna 5, Ljubljana


Strictly Analog, a day-long audiovisual festival, celebrates the analog culture and turns seriously coquettish when it comes to analog connections between visualisations and sound. The vivid performances conjured up with the aid of unorthodox techniques unapologetically showcase the wide array of possible uses of the analog technologies. Unique live acts are generating both practical and entertaining environments, which offer the best experience when you immerse yourself and just let go. It is the fifth time Strictly Analog returns to Poligon Creative Center and hosts local as well as foreign returning artist, who cannot fail to make another memorable impression with their fresh material. 16mm film and vinyl underwater ambiences, hypnotic and pulsating laser drone compositions, lo-fi drum machines and frisky cinematics, all topped with a salutary dose of experimental electronics, which will literally glue you to dancefloor.


12 PM
Carole Thibaud: Workshop Rayograph and its magic

7 PM
Artist Talk with Bernhard Rasinger: Visual sound
Bernhard Rasinger will present a connection between sound and laser visualisations. You will also have an unique opportunity to try out your own sound-laser patterns.

Audio-visual performances
8 PM
Carole Thibaud & Robertina Šebjanič: Liquefaction
9 PM
Laser Bros
10 PM
Casper Electronics
11 PM
Izland + jesusonecstasy

Artists & Performances

Carole Thibaud & Robertina Šebjanič: Liquefaction (FR/SI)

Liquefaction is an expanded cinema performance with 16mm projectors, film loops, sound loops, gramophones, glass, water and microphones, arising from the urge to liquefy yourself, to feel like an algae tossed by the tide, to see microscopic monsters and beauties, to submerge yourself into the ocean’s serenity & chaos and get closer to the marine habitats... This symbiotic audio & film performance by Carole Thibaud and Robertina Šebjanič consists of 16mm film material gathered by Carole during a residency stay in the Roscoff Marine Station in April 2016 and subaquatic soundscape recorded by Robertina in different seas and oceans on vinyl records.

Laser Bros (AT/CZ)

Laser Bros are creating synesthetic experience by connecting laser projection and electric sound waves generated in real time by analog modular synthesizer. It is a collaboration of Bernhard Rasinger a.k.a. BR Laser and Václav Peloušek of Bastl Instruments.

Casper Electronics

Casper Electronics is the live act of Peter Edwards, collaborator and synth designer from Bastl Instruments. He combines his experience in inclusive practices like teaching, interaction design and performance art with a love for electronics to create performances that are both inviting and challenging in their sonic and physical impact..
His live sets are built on droning waves of feedback, distorted and pierced by rusty industrial beats, fading from noise to dance and back again. At the centre of his set is a reactive light orb acting as a galvanising faux bonfire in a modern party ritual.

IZLAND & jesusonecstasy

IZLAND is a visual duo, formed by Gašper Milkovič-Biloslav and Marko Vivoda. They are developing new approaches to VJing with live mixing of different liquids into organic patterns at the crossroads of analogue technologies. Among other things, they produce visual images for concerts of the bands Silence and Random Logic. jesusonecstasy aka Mitja Cerkvenik is a producer of analogue electronic music; he makes electronic instruments and effects, and creates sound for theatre productions and short films.

About the festival

Strictly Analog combines unique audio-visual performances and production workshops, which are, thorough a participatory and inclusive manner, popularising the relationship between modern and obsolete technologies. The festival encourages and promotes the use of analogue technologies and awareness, that digital technologies can not be perceived without analogue and vice versa. The use of digital technologies is thus entitled merely as a channel of communication and not as means of expression.

Production: Ljudmila, Art and Science Laboratory (Tina Dolinšek) and Projekt Atol Institute (Uroš Veber)
Co-production: Poligon Creative Centre
Organised by: Zala Vidali and Tina Dolinšek

Project is supported by the Slovene Ministry of Culture and MOL – Department for Culture.