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Strictly Analog Festival 2016

One-day analogue audio-visual Festival Strictly Analog Ljubljana 2016.

December 10 2016

Creative Centre Poligon, Tobačna 5, Ljubljana


This year's edition of the Strictly Analog Festival is questioning the concept of emptiness. Imagine spatially perfectly proportionate objects, with no empty space between them. In the absence of an inter-space, they would lose its value - in the functional sense, their existence would doom to fail.

This year's Strictly Analog wants to investigate what happens in the opposite case - when the space is fully cleansed of its existing objects. Is it possible to imagine physical space only when it is defined and filled with objects, with content, by means of which information is obtained about the relationship of positions between objects and using the derived parameters to determine the characteristics of the area, such as the shape and size? Would the inter-space still exist in the absence of objects? What would happen to the void? Would space without emptiness lose its physical properties and become random, could it exceed the linear perception of reality? The SA theme calls for reflection on the emptiness, the concept, which perhaps represents the last sanctuary of the public space, collective good, and as such offers an new alternative of completely different rules, or even their absence.

Lina Rica, curator

Program and timeline

12 PM
Analogue film workshop: Maja Rezoug & Stefan Voglsinger

7 PM
Artist talk

8 PM
Klubvizija SC (Maja Rezoug, Branka Valjin & Mirna Horvat) & Stefan Voglsinger and Guillermo Tellechea (Setzkasten Wien) // AV 16 mm installation

8.45 PM
Davor Sanvincenti & Nenad Sinkauz | Disintegration within the magnetic loop // AV performance

9.30 PM
Kasia Justka | electr°cute // An performance

10.15 PM
Hrvoje Nikšić, Ivan Marušić Klif & Hrvoslava Brkušić | so-called Nature // AV performance

11 PM
Moringa LIVE & Dominik Mahnič // AV performance


Cameraless techniques and optical sound on 16mm film

MENTORS: Maja Rezoug (Klubvizija) and Stefan Voglsinger
DURATION: 12 – 5 PM (with a lunch brake)
REGISTRATION: delavnica@ljudmila.org

The visual part of the workshop will explore direct animation techniques and the ways of creating experimental film work without the use of a camera. Scratching, cutting, painting, drawing, rubbing, bleaching, dry transfer, destroying or otherwise directly interfering with the surface of the celluloid itself - this treatment has at its heart a deep engagement with materials, limitations and chance. Participants will repurpose found footage 16mm material to get animated or abstract film sequences / loops. It's an introduction to film as a physical medium and to all its workflow specifics. Film doesn’t require a camera to be a movie.
The audible part of the workshop will focus on the sound transcription of analog film material. The projector lamp becomes obsolete, the small path on the opposite side of the sprockets will be explored. Participants will experiment with light and magnetic sound using modified 16mm and Super8 projectors. Different microphones are used to amplify and discover the sound of the machines. Recordings, drawings and manipulations on film leave a sonic imprint. The experimental soundtrack will be part of the installation presented at the festival.


Kasia Justka is a Polish multimedia artist based in Berlin. Her work capitalizes on her obsessions with the medium of electricity and weird organic sounds. Her art can be seen as invocations to the vast power inherent within electronic systems and networks. With this conceptual frame in mind Kasia fashions a dynamic order and form from primitive entropy. Using light, sound images and objects as her tools, her intuitive and analogue based performances have led to collaborations with theaters, galleries, fashion designers, artists and festivals, including Electrovision London, Transvisualia, Free Form Festival, CynetArt_08, Unsound Festival, Piksel in Norway, Warsaw Electronic Festival, gallery Zacheta, WRO Bienale, TR Warszawa, Volksbuhne and others.

Davor Sanvincenti is an international multimedia artist from Croatia, also known by monikers such as Messmatik and Gurtjo Ningmor. He is specifically interested in a field of audiovisual phenomenology and anthropology of visual culture, particularly focused on the conditions and forms of human senses and perceptions. Notices, observations and research that pervade scientific and artistic spheres constitute the structure for his work. His artistic practice takes shape in the variety of media - film and video, photography, physical light and sound installations and live media performances.

Nenad Sinkauz is a composer, musician and performer with a Masters Degree in Ethnomusicology from Padua. He has been actively involved with music since 1995 - he is the co-author and a member of East Rodeo experimental band, which, on its third album “Morning Cluster”, hosted great names of world jazz and rock scene Marc Ribot, Gerg Cohen and Warren Ellis. As a composer, musician and performer he collaborated with TAM teatromusica experimental theater from Padua and the director Michele Sambino. He has performed at a number of music, theatre and film festivals and stages all over Europe. He collaborates on contemporary dance projects with Petra Hraščanec and Mala Kline, and composes music for documentaries and experimental films.

Hrvoje Nikšić is a Croatian musician and recording engineer. He is running analogue recording studio Kramasonic and has produced albums for several bands, such as Coma Stereo, Petrol, Seven That Spells, Kriške, Vlasta Popič and Punčke. He also makes music for theater and movies and is part of Šumovi Protiv Valova band.

Ivan Marušić – Klif is a multimedia artist working in the domain of interactive installations, interactive video, sound and music. He graduated from the School of Audio Engineering in Amsterdam in 1995. He has exhibited and performed in Holland, Germany, Japan, USA, Austria, France, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Croatia.

Hrvoslava Brkušić – Lala graduated film editing at the Academy of Dramatic arts in Zagreb and holds a MA at the Department of Animation and New Media at the Academy of fine arts, Zagreb. As a film editor, she contributed to the series of documentary, feature and experimental. She works in various media – film, video and audio installations and live performances. She is one of the co-founder female artistic collectives Ljubavnice.

Dominik Mahnič is a Slovenian visual and multimedia artist. He graduated from painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and design in Ljubljana and finished the Master programme of video at the same academy in 2013. His work was presented at several solo and group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad.

MORINGA Live! is alive. It changes its structure and path. Time is undefined – place is irrelevant. It is constantly changing its shape, structure and sound. Modular thing is a passion. White and black keys too. Moringa loves soundscapes and filtering the world around it into mood. It loves surfing the waves of sound, walk the scales and clap that rhythm.

Klubvizija SC is a creative filmmaking workshop, lab for 8 mm and 16 mm film, and analog photography. It is the only film lab for manual film development in Croatia and whole region. The main purpose of Klubvizija is to encourage visual artists to work creatively with the film, to give them an irreplaceable practical experience and create opportunities to meet and work with a number of film professionals. Klubvizija organizes various workshops with reputable film-makers on regular bases, art projects and continuing education for film and photography.

Stefan Voglsinger is an Austrian musician and performer. Voglsinger is exploring sound on stage, in the studio and in the field, as well as improvising and composing activities for music, film, dance and theatre projects. He organizes Circuit Cooking soldering workshops with a focus on circuit bending, analog synthesizer & distortion circuits and piezo objects. Voglsinger performs with amplified objects, Super8 and 16mm projectors, drums and electronics. At Setzkasten Wien he organizes and curates regularly exhibitions and performances.

About the festival

Strictly Analog combines unique audio-visual performances and production workshops, which are, thorough a participatory and inclusive manner, popularising the relationship between modern and obsolete technologies. The festival encourages and promotes the use of analogue technologies and awareness, that digital technologies can not be perceived without analogue and vice versa. The use of digital technologies is thus entitled merely as a channel of communication and not as means of expression.

Open call | closed!

Strictly Analog Festival Ljubljana is welcoming all visual, sound and AV artists to submit their artworks from the field of non-digital production, but with the awareness, that digital technologies can not be understood without knowing the analogue ones and vice versa. This years 4th edition will take place on 10th of December at Poligon Creative Centre under the topic Emptiness. Emptiness as a concept, which embodies the tangible shapes and properties of physical spaces, affects on perception and gives a reality meanings. There is no content without the void, as there is no analogue without the digital.

We are looking for imaginative, fresh and innovative visual, sound or finished AV performances, produced purely with the use of analogue technologies. The usage of digital technologies is entitled only as a communication channel, and not as means of expression.

Till October 10th submit your application to info@ljudmila.org with the following stuff:

  • short conceptual description of the artwork/project (up to 200 words)
  • visual and/or sound material (share link or please use any cloud-based file transfer service for bigger files)
  • your descriptive CV

Selected artwork(s) will be presented at the Strictly Analog Festival Ljubljana 2016, which includes an artist fee and a possibility for further collaboration with Ljudmila Lab.

Production: Ljudmila, Art and Science Laboratory (Tina Dolinšek) and Projekt Atol Institute (Uroš Veber)
Co-production: Poligon Creative Centre
Organised by: Zala Vidali and Tina Dolinšek
Featured curator: Lina Rica
Organisational support: Lenka Đorojević, Lāsma Goba, Klinta Paegle and Polona Torkar
Technical support: Luka Bernetič, Matevž Ftičar and Marko Orel
Credits and special thanks: Poligon Team, Boštjan Čadež - FŠK, Slovene Film Archives, Tomaž Kučer (Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana), Slovene Film Archives, Ida Hiršenfelder, Marko Peljhan, Luka Frelih, DPG, Uroš Veber, Matic Zavodnik, Matjaž Rušt, ...

Project is supported by the Slovene Ministry of Culture and MOL – Department for Culture.