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Strictly Analog Festival 2014


December 13th // 7PM

Poligon creative centre // Tobačna 5, Ljubljana

Pritličje // Mestni trg 2, Ljubljana // afterparty ‡ S Ø K ‡ and Maja Pa


Workshop with OchoReSotto: Film stock lives forever! @Poligon

Round table: Media archaeology // Moderated by Ida Hiršenfelder // Guests: Vesna Krebs and Volker Paul Sernetz
Sound installation: Susanne Schwarz: Wooden Record - Meat Puppet

Audiovisual performances

  • Electronic trio from Ljubljana Niplodok + creative visual duo Kaja & Lea
  • Visual studio from Graz OchoReSotto + deep drone melodic duo Regolith
  • Disco-noise producer Gernot Tutner + open call winners Vesna Krebs & Borut Kumperščak
  • Contrast and fusion & lasers and ice cubs & Tilen Sepič and Luka Bernetič: Melt Down

Afterparty @Pritličje

Artists & performances

Vesna Krebs and Borut Kumperščak: PHENAKISTOMIXER 2.0

Susanne Schwarz: Wooden Record - Meat Puppet

Two 12" records made of maple are played concurrently, beginning at the same point. The audio track is engraved by a laser cutter. Guided by a voice, which holds a phonological interference, one is instructed to give impulses to his/her arms, hands and fingers. The left record reproduces instructions for the left hand, the right record plays back instructions for the right hand. Maple as the carrier medium does not reproduce a precise signal of the audio track - atmospheric background sounds thereby become audible and if the records are not played in exact parallelism, a reverb is formed. Can you filter the information media provides you? How much can you fall under the carrier mediums influence?


OchoReSotto brings the art of visuals performance to analogue perfection. Stefan Sobotka- Grünewald, Volker Paul Sernetz and Lia Rädler are projection artists, space designer and experimental film makers with a passion for Super 8 and 16mm. OchoReSotto’s visuals, music videos and installations are presented from Berlin to Tokyo. The founders of the Strictly Analog studio live and work in Graz. This experimental lab also dedicates to worldwide networking of analogue artists work.

Creative duo Kaja & Lea

Lea Bradašević, the architect and Kaja Kisilak, the designer, are connected through love for the visual, pleasure of building, drilling and cutting and the overwhelming desire for constantly complicating their lives. Their visuals are a game of light and shadow, produced by quite (extra)ordinary objects and materials, but with a new function and appearance. Lea and Kaja also create analogue visuals that are part of Loudspeaker Alliance live shows.


Regolith is a duo consisting of Richie Herbst (Interstellar Rec. / graz) and Christian Zollner (Koma Elektronik / linz/berlin). Following a phase characterized by harsh noise, they’re now into improvised soundscapes, some created on analog modular synthesizer, effects and homemade equipment, all situated at the interface of deep drones and unsettlingly beautiful harmonies.


First Slovene so called acid boy band is currently fully occupied with making its first real record. Their pristine jam sessions based on analogue synthesizers grinding various minimalist passages explore the resonance of the post-industrial world, which ranks them among the most intriguing bands of the local electronic scene. DJ Dojaja, E.B.King & Dulash der DJ pledge allegiance to the Roland TB-303, simply classic.

Tilen Sepič & Luka Bernetič: Melt Down

Well known multi-present-actors of the Ljubljana underground scene - Lux and Sepič - will use badass lasers and ordinary materials (like ice cubes) for making their AV act. Melt Down is a play of two concepts - contrast and fusion. The reaction of two units, the laser as a representative of technologically sophisticated object and the use of natural materials, will be projected as a large analytical zoom directly on the surface, and along with the sound image, generated from the reaction, interpretation and manipulation of used materials, form an integrated AV image .

Gernot Tutner

Gernot Tutner aka Henry Bootz has been a permanent fixture in the music scene of Graz since 2000. The bandwidth of Tutner's creative work ranges from club sound to experimental electronica - "from disco to noise".

Open call winners

From the eight international applications the selection committee - Zala Vidali (co-producer of the festival), Ida Hiršenfelder (festival curator) and Gašper Milkovič Biloslav (Izland) - had choose a visual piece by Borut Kumperščak and Vesna Krebs - PHENAKISTOMIXER 2.0.

Original phenakistoscope discs had slits cut into them and had to be viewed using a mirror. Phenakistomixer appropriates this by precisely synchronizing disc rotation with the shutter of a video camera to achieve similar effect, and is used as a live visual performative tool.
Version 2 of Phenakistomixer project takes the original platenspieler videomixing idea further by ditching the digital design and print process for precise manual texture drawing skills, and by introduction of on-plate layering with transparent foils.
To achieve the noisiest mixing experience two VJs operate two phenakistomixers and combine them via vintage video mixer to form progressively wilder and surreal results. Let’s spin the discs and have a PHENAKISTOMIX!

Borut Kumperščak is an interactive visuals expert, mostly working with cameras and advanced sensors to produce graphically intensive life-size interactive experiences based on augmented reality principles, 3D mapping, and other advanced CG technologies. Lives and works between London and Ljubljana.

Vesna Krebs is a new media artist, experimentalist, and researcher. She was born in Slovenia in 1979, and currently lives and works between Ljubljana and London. Her creative practice explores dis-ordered states, glitches, and chaotic behaviours through a cross-disciplinary approach blending generative art, live visuals, interactive art and sound.
MissTake is Vesna's pseudonym for work that includes live visual performances and interactive installations, using audio analysis, real-time generated moving images and DIY devices of various kinds, which are sometimes produced in cooperation with Borut Kumperščak.
Her video installations and performance were at festivals such as: MFRU, Bienale Adriatica Arti Nuove, Pixxel Point, Luxus festival, Roboexotica, Festival Kiblix, UF Festival, Independent Illustration Biennale and others. This year she had a retrospective exhibition Nature of Reality in New Gallery in Trbovlje. She received the award at the Luksuz festival for experimental video and prize at Roboexotica for Phenakistomixer.

Open call

After the first edition of Strictly Analog Ljubljana - a one day festival of audio-visual performances and lectures about not so obsolete strictly analogue technologies in 2013, we are returning to the crime scene - Poligon Creative Centre will once again serve as a venue where we will showcase, think and talk about new creative ways of presenting old analogue technologies. For that special occasion we are welcoming all visual authors to submit their artworks from the fields of non-digital production, but with the awareness, that digital technologies can not be understood without knowing the analogue ones and vice versa.

We are looking for imaginative, fresh and innovative visual performances, produced purely with the use of analogue technologies. The usage of digital technologies is entitled only as a communication channel, and not as means of expression.

Till 30th of September submit your application to info@ljudmila.org with the following stuff:

  • your descriptive CV
  • short conceptual description of the artwork/project
  • visual material (photo(s) and video(s))
  • short statement on what expression ANALOGUE means to you

Selected artwork(s) will be presented at the Strictly Analog Festival Ljubljana 2014. The author(s) will get the sufficient technical and conceptual support from Ljudmila's team during the development of the selected project, there will also be an artist fee and a possibility of further co-operation in the future.

For more information write to: tina@ljudmila.org


Marko Orel and Poligon Creative Centre team, Katerina Mirović (Strip Core), Tomaž Kučer (Gallery of Modern Art Ljubljana), Ida Hiršenfelder, Gašper Milkovič Biloslav, Zala Vidali, Nina Hudej and Pritličje team, Miha Peterlič, Luka Bernetič, Taj Pečnikar, Tilen Sepič, Urša Dolinšek, Polona Torkar, OchoReSotto, Rabindranath Andjuar, Igor Trupina, ...

Festival is supported by Ministry of Culture.