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Strictly Analog Festival 2013

One day festival of audio-visual performances and lectures about not so obsolete strictly analogue technology! Strictly-analog-logo.jpg

December 14th // 6pm

Pop-up dom // Tobačna 5, Ljubljana

Tiffany and Monokel, Metelkova // afterparty with BILL YOUNGMAN (live)


As a reaction to the always progressing digitization in not only art, but the general communication among creatives themselves, Strictly analog views itself as a network encouraging alternative/experimental processes in work and communication. Of course, the fact that artists around the world use digital ways of communication is not one to be condemned, the loss of alternatives, however, is still something that needs to be acknowledged. Even though there is some sort of revival of the good, old values in many creative areas, whether they use aged-looking paper in graphic design or super8 in film, there are still certain aspects of an analogue culture missing.

To be able to fight the mediocrity that might awaits you online, it is important to concentrate on unique art projects and productions with a stronger local reference to city or region. If cities are compared internationally, and by that their creative inhabitants too, a regionally-influenced distinction is indispensable. This does by no way mean to move away from international standards, rather does this real exchange of artistic potential that underlies those regions offer the opportunity to blend controllably and consequently an independent creative output.

Strictly analog studio views these aspects as potential and tries to support alternative and experimental ways to work. Therefore Strictly analog studio can be explained with the help of two simple words: real and now.

REAL: Real project spaces are indispensable as the beating heart of the project. Exhibit rooms, free spaces or laboratories are located in Graz, Triest and Tokio, all curated and operated by Strictly analog studio. Those locations are connected to the cities they operate in, but not just content-wise, also the actual local reference is reflected in production. On one hand, this spatial reference eases the ability to communicate with the municipality and on the other hand, it offers an ideal starting point for international artists to address the city and its creative scene.

NOW: As nothing is more productive than sharing a table ad working on ideas together, the term now describes the temporal element. Strictly analog“ studio views itself as catalyst for creative communication and gathers creative minds to discuss and work on different topics. In this case, the actual exchange with each other and discussions about certain problems in a laboratory-like environment are of importance again.


lectures // @Pop-up dom

  • OchoReSotto // artist talk and presentation of Strictly analog Studios
  • 1:1 with jesusonectasy and Zergon // panel on DIY analogue instruments // moderated by Ida Hiršenfelder

audio-visual performances // @Pop-up dom

  • OchoReSotto (Graz/AT)
  • VirageVisuals (Trieste/IT) + jesusonecstasy (Koper/SI)
  • Izland (Izola/SI) + Yanoosh (SI)
  • echo 10-9 (Ljubljana/SI)

no strictly & no analog // afterparty // @Tiffany and Monokel, Metelkova

  • Bill Youngman // Live (Berlin, GE)
  • NinaBelle (Zavod PLC)
  • CИHИ (Biomechanics)
  • G-lectic (Naked Lunch, HTH, Propellant, Darker Sounds)

+ Vj Dr.Ek
@ Klub Tiffany, Metelkova mesto

  • Mak (Zavod Kru)
  • Nitz (Synaptic, Chillispace)
  • Mint (Formaviva.org)

+ Vj Koala (Female’s’cream)
@ Klub Monokel, Metelkova mesto



OchoReSotto brings the art of visuals performance to analogue perfection. Stefan Sobotka- Grünewald, Volker Paul Sernetz and Lia Rädler are projection artists, space designer and experimental film makers with a passion for Super 8 and 16mm. OchoReSotto’s visuals, music videos and installations are presented from Berlin to Tokyo.

The founders of the Strictly analog studio live and work in Graz. This experimental lab also dedicates to worldwide networking of analogue artists work.

  • www.ochoresotto.com
  • www.facebook.com/ochoresotto
  • www.flickr.com/photos/ochoresotto
  • vimeo.com/ochoresotto


At the beginning of 2000 Fulvio Sabia started to visualize with Amiga 500 in the clubs and events in Trieste. He is a videomaker and funder of VirageVisuals project, working for festivals, parties and live acts in the clubs around Italy, Austria and Slovenia.

Izland (Marko Vivoda and Gašper Milkovič - Biloslav)

Izland are Marko Vivoda and Gašper Milkovič - Biloslav, live visual performers, who are creating liquid organic patterns, textures and shapes, as a result of mixing different liquids, chemical solutions and reagents. They are collaborating with musicians such as Silence and electronic duo Random Logic.

        Deep Space by BornAgainst on Vimeo

echo 10-9 (Robertina Šebjanič in Aleš Hieng - Zergon)

The sound-video performance echo 10-9 takes place on the nano and microlevel. With a clear analogue aesthetic it demonstrates the formal characteristics of materials, which are transformed on the spot, creating ambient a/v landscapes.


Jesusonecstasy creates music for theatre, documentaries and short movies. He produces sounds from home made DIY electronic musical instruments and effects, hence the sound is extremely broad - from ambiental melodies made by analogue synthesizers all the way to lo-fi rhythmic parts deriving from rhythm machine.

Yanoosh (Aleš Luznar)

By experimenting and searching for new guidelines in music, Yanoosh began producing music for film, theatre and advertising. In 2003 he was chosen at the worldwide RedBull Music Academy call as the first Slovenian music producer ever, and attended the training on music industry in South Africa. His unconventional approach, combinations of downtempo genre with club sound and a touch of film dynamics have established him as the author of several arrangements for various artists and labels. He presented his wide range of creativity in music at various events, including Meet Me, Sof, Golden drum, K4, Festival Utrip, Terminal 00, ... His experiments in electro acoustic sounds, enhanced by a touch of rock elements and his loyalty to downtempo, have been packed into a dozen tracks comprised in his first album, Hibernate 1000 miles from the earth, released by rx:tx.

Special thanks to

Zala Vidali, Marko Orel and Pop-up dom team, Katerina Mirović, Forum Ljubljana and Svetlobna Gverila, Tomaž Kučer and MSUM, Ida Hiršenfelder, Nina Hudej, Nina Kodrič, Tilen Sepič, Luka Bernetič, Muslauf team, OchoReSotto, Marko Vivoda, ...

Project was supported by Ministry of Culture.

Co-producers: Pop-up Dom // Zavod PLC // Forum Ljubljana // Tiffany Klub // Monokel