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Residence: Zlatko Baracskai

Zlatko Baracskai

2020-10-02-Osmoza-Zlatko Baracskai&Luka Prinčič photoKajaBrezocnik-16.jpg

About the residency

During three weeks Zlatko Baracskai will be engaged with composition, recording and performances in Ljubljana. His extensive international reputation and interest in cultural peculiarities motivated him to seek collaborations with local artists and inspiration in the beauty of Slovenia which he has been visiting since childhood. His main performance instrument is the modular synthesiser which he will extend with electronic drums and acoustic cymbals.
Opening concert will be held on 2nd of October when he will join Luka Princic to perform prepared improvisation with electronic instruments. During his residency, together with Boris Janje on bass they will produce odd-meter grooves to establish contemporary foundation for an upcoming album. They will invite soloists to jointly compose music using unconventional tunings and contemporary instrumental techniques. He will also lead a Live Coding workshop in SuperCollider on 5th of October.


Zlatko supercollider.jpg 2020-10-02-Osmoza-Zlatko Baracskai&Luka Prinčič photoKajaBrezocnik-19.jpg

  • photo: Kaja Brezočnik
  • live visuals (Kamizdat Rentgen event): Stella Ivšek (5237)
  • live stream, camera (Kamizdat Rentgen event): Črt Trkman, Adam Mulalić


Monday, October 5, 5PM – 9PM @ osmo/za, Slovenska 54, Ljubljana

Wednesday, October 14, 8PM-10.30PM @ osmo/za, Slovenska 54, Ljubljana

About the resident

Zlatko Baracskai (1982) was born in Sarajevo from a very mixed background. His early interest in computers, science, drumming and music led him to become an expert in music technology. He teaches a wide range of subjects at universities to include signal processing, acoustics, psychoacoustics, generative music, audio programming, studio applications and user software. As an artist he is rather independent, challenging and humorous. He authored over 20 albums, many installations, and created a variety of interactive music systems and instruments. His published writings and inventions include non-linear distortion, unconventional audio processing, neural networks and a relaxation study.

As a teen he performed playing drums and mixing records growing to become a turntable scratch artist joining progressive jazz bands. While he studied electronic music he developed performances with laptops, custom made controllers and augmented acoustic instruments. Lately, he's most often performing with modular synthesisers focusing on uncontrollable chaotic circuits. Most recently, electronic drums found a place in blending his passion for odd meters with unconventional electronic sounds.

Production: Ljudmila, Art and Science Laboratory and Projekt Atol Institute.

Artist-in-residence is supported by the Ministry of culture and City of Ljubljana - Department for Culture.