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Opus III

Opus III is a digital virtual instrument, meaning it uses software to create sound.

It offers uncompromised pipe organ experience, combined with state of the art digital technology.

Number 3 is featured in several places:

  • 3rd generation design
  • 3 manuals
  • 3 displays
  • 3-D display


It is inspired by a big pipe organ and designed in large part to be operated as one.

It is primarily intended to run Hauptwerk virtual organ software, but it is quite capable running any modern Windows or Linux audio software.

Organ differs from synthesizer in several key respects:

  • awesome sound - Opus III allows use of firewire rack devices, supporting many channels of high-quality audio
  • two or more manuals and a full size pedalboard - Opus III design includes matching desk and seat, for full-body experience
  • layer-based user interface, where sounds are "stacked" one on another - This is mainly implemented by software and controlled through touch-screen interfaces. Opus III main unit however also provides several real "function" buttons, similar to pistons on a pipe organ.

The main unit offers enough space to contain power supply units, a full computer, MIDI interfacing and space for several rack units for interfacing with pro audio equipment. The unit offers convenient back access for customization.

In consists of a top of the line computer workstation, combined with 4 MIDI input controllers, all packaged into awesome looking console.

It is relatively small and compact, yet it retains much of the pompousness of the pipe organ.

We have a new design for the organ!

  • fully modular: werk, pedal, desk, bench, stand, controls, screen
  • three 61 key manuals + large parallel or radiating concave pedalboard
  • two 12-13 inch touch screens
  • big 38 inch LCD display, preferably 3D
  • straightforward wood construction
  • retractable music stand
  • upper and lower lights
  • can be reasonable disassembled for transport

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