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OSMO nadstropje, Avtotehna

pošta: Rozmanova 12
SI-1000 Ljubljana
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t: +386 1 426 9530
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"My project consists on the construction of a compound eye based on multiple cells or lens inspired on the Ophiocoma wendtii organism. In this special kind of organisms, skin becomes a visual organ as well as tactil , as it is cover by light sensitive cells all over its surface.

From a biomimetic approach, this project is planned to be executed in two different steps. The first one, consists on the prototype and rehearsal of the multicamera system, and on the visualisation process resulting of the different images coming from different units. For this project, all cameras, both photographics ones and webcams will be recycled. In order to collect a good stock of them, there will be a public and open call to local community in order to invite people to bring their old cams and join the proyect.

The second step in this project consists on the construction of an sculptural object. With organic characteristics, its surface will have inserted lenses of the hacked cameras and that will build the compound eye. This object will have a semi transparent skin, mostly done in latex and with a metal structure inside that will give it support to be hold on itself. As surface is traslucid, it will be the screen in which we will see the processed images coming from an inside projector, offering this way, an unique and particular way of visualization."


project leader \ Laura Gabriela Olalde Verdes (Argentina)

collaborators \ Hector Zarate Rea (MX/PL), Jani Pirnat (SI), Pepa Ivanova (BG/BE)

special thanks \ artist Damijan Kracina for lending us his sculpture studio at Metelkova and Snaga d. o. o. for allowing us to scavenge the assembly center; Laurence Bender - programmer - developing the preparation stage for the project.