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OpenData APIs


Infobox API (Semantic MediaWiki propeties as JSON)

Endpoint https://services.kulturnik.si/api/infobox/

Lists of names can be found with these

Categories and articles

Endpoint https://services.kulturnik.si/api/json/csi/categories
Formats json

Basic info on all articles

Endpoint https://services.kulturnik.si/api/json/csi/info
Formats json


Endpoint https://services.kulturnik.si/api/json/csi/localnames
Formats json


Endpoint https://services.kulturnik.si/api/json/csi/festivals
Formats jsonfeed

Semantic MediaWiki provided interfaces

Mediawiki API

Endpoint https://www.culture.si/w/api.php
Manual https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/API:Main_page
Formats html, xml, json

ASK Special Page

Endpoint https://www.culture.si/en/Special:Ask
Manual https://www.semantic-mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Semantic_search
Formats json, csv, rss, rdf, html...


Kulturnik Novice

Endpoint https://novice.kulturnik.si/
Formats html, json, jsonfm

Kulturnik Dogodki

Endpoint https://dogodki.kulturnik.si/
Formats html (+hCalendar), rss

NB: The content in these collections is copyrighted by each source. There is no general open license that applies to it.