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Live coding: for whom and what for

A talk with live coding researchers

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DATE: Friday, 14 May 2021 | 7pm-8.30pm
LOCATION: osmo/za (8th floor), Slovenska 54, Ljubljana
LIVE STREAM: spletni prenos YT and Radio Študent

About the event

Live coding, as one of the youngest artistic disciplines, is only beginning to position itself as an exploratory and creative field. In the framework of the on-the-fly series, Ljudmila and its European partners are gathering creators and researchers to facilitate a field of activities for this genre also in Slovenia. Currently, parallel research on live coding audiences is being carried out in four countries. In this discussion, we will present our first findings. Giovanni Mori from Italy, one of the pioneers of live coding research, is among the invited speakers.

Keynote lecture: “Live coding? What does it mean?”
In his recently published book Live coding? What does it mean? Mori explores live coding as a performance technique from different perspectives. In his book, he presents the history of the live coding movement and its internal dynamics. The author will present the main highlights of his work on live coding and also discuss the challenges.

Panel discussion: Nina Dragičević in Tjaša Pureber: Live coding audience development reserach in Slovenia, Hangar Barcelona (ES), ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe (D), Creative Coding Utrecht (NL): Presentation of related audience development researches in other European countries

Giovanni Mori holds a PhD in History of the Performing Arts from the University of Florence. He pursued ethnographic research on the live coding community in the UK. He has also worked on the Sonic Pi project in the live coding community. Mori is currently working with the Tempo Reale Institute on research in music and on developing the use of live coding in teaching children programming languages.


on-the-fly is a project to promote Live Coding practice, a performative technique focused on writing algorithms in real-time so that the one who writes is part of the algorithm. Live coding is mainly used to produce music or images but it extends beyond that. Our objectives are: supporting knowledge exchange between communities, engaging with critical reflections, promoting free and open-source tools and bringing live coding to new audiences. The project, running from 10/2020 to 09/2022 and co-funded by the Creative Europe programme, is led by Hangar Barcelona in collaboration with ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Creative Coding Utrecht and Ljubljana’s Ljudmila.

Partners: Hangar Barcelona (ES), ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe (DE), Creative Coding Utrecht (NL), Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory (SI).


Concept and production: Dare Pejić
Organisational and production team: Luka Frelih, Robert Mohorič, Dare Pejić, Anže Zorman
Public relations: Tjaša Pureber
Graphics: Maruša Račič
Proofreading (Slovene): Nataša Martina Pintarič
Proofreading (English): Jana Renée Wilcoxen
Technical support: Valter Udovičić, Luka Frelih
Photo: Katja Goljat, Matjaž Rušt
Participating: Nina Dragičević, Bruno Gola, Luka Prinčič, Giovanni Mori, et al.
Sponsor: Cockta (Atlantic Trade)
Co-production: osmo/za, Radio Študent
Production: Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory

This event is part of the on-the-fly project that is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.
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