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Domače Volt Orkester

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"Domače Volt Orkester Explores the many facets of our relationship to domestic electronic appliances. The inherent tension between the ‘mass-produced’ and the ‘personalization’ of technology is a pervasive force in contemporary society. It is an ‘I’ phone, a ‘smart’ toaster, a ‘my’ light. Behind the obvious marketing ploys that attempt to stimulate and associate our personal desires with generic objects, there is an actual, real and personal relationship between us (humans) and our (eletro-mechanical) tools, toys and transportations.

As we voraciously consume everyday technology, some products fall by the wayside – anonymous, discarded and/or destroyed – whilst others ascend to rock star like status – fetishized, collected and coveted. What are the perceptible qualities of these obsolete and not-so-obsolete technologies? What do they look like? What do they sound like? And how do they move?

What do we own today, that we will throw away tomorrow? And what will we want back, the day after that?

Inspired by the works of Maywa Denki and Ujino Muneteru the Domače Volt Orkester seeks to re-purpose discarded technologies to create instruments and installations of new wonder. The detritus of domestic electrical goods can be given a new life, a new ‘stage’ on which to ‘perform’ afresh for us humans, or even just for themselves – hairdryers, blenders, toasters, washing machines, toys, toothbrushes, cd-rom drives, phones, printers – are all transformed into ‘orchestras’ via AC sequencers, interface hacks and interactive trickery."


project leaders \ Matthew Gingold & Ben Olsen (Australia, USA, Austria)

collaborators \ Ivan Arroyo Gonzalez (ES), Pepa Ivanova (BG/BE), Juan Duarte (MX/FI), Maja Kalogjera (HR), Martina Kalogjera (HR), Gašper Odar (SI)

special thanks \ Snaga d. o. o. for allowing us to scavenge the assembly center