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Adela: Nintendo DS Homebrew Hacking (en)

ADELA-dogodki15.png Design: Tjaša Cizej

DATE: Friday, 31 May 2024 | 16:00
LOCATION: osmo/za, Ljubljana

MENTOR: Rein van der Woerd
PARTICIPATION: The workshop is free of charge. Basic programming skills and a laptop are needed. Optionally, bring your Nintendo DS console. To join, you must apply in advance using the application form. Apply here.

Your “old” console hasn’t been forgotten: let’s open it up! Using your code and hardware you can tweak, tinker, modify and increase its functionalities, which is what you’ll be doing in the workshop “Introduction to Nintendo DS Homebrew Hacking”. We will also look into how to extend the lifespan of our consoles and uncover what hidden features they conceal …

The workshop is open to all and especially suited for those interested in “homebrew” hardware hacking or wanting to apply or insert code or hardware extensions for input or output. Participants must have basic programming skills and a laptop. We’ll be using the Nintendo DS console as a basis and common platform; if you have your own, feel free to bring it on the day, but it’s not mandatory.


Rein van der Woerd is an artist inspired by the mindset of “hippie technology”. In his residency at Creative Coding Utrecht in 2023, he researched permacomputing, a philosophy applying ecological and long-term thinking to computers. Through hands-on workshops and DIY, Rein tries to recover the digital utopianism of Web 1.0 and the first wave of personal computers.


Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Ljubljana. Adela Focus Country: The Netherlands is co-financed by the Creative Industries Fund NL.