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A Conference and net.radio event by and about independent cultural internet platforms from Europe. London, 30st June to 4th of July 1998, ICA New Media Centre and Backspace.

The event is structured into three parts: closed working meetings at backspace, a public conference and a net.radio night at the ICA.

The goal is to look at different working models of art server projects, reflect about different strategies and, if possible, draft a paper which gives recommendations for cultural policy making to art funding bodies and raise awareness for topics such as public access and cultural content providing, emphasizing notions of independent, self defined cultural and artistic practice.

A number of art server projects from Central Europe and the UK have already been contacted and confirmed their participation.

However, in the times of crumbling art servers (Adaweb, Internationale Stadt Berlin, word and so on) and the instrumentalisation of culture by governments for political and economical reasons (eg 'Cool Britannia') we wanted to open up the event for more participants. All who are actively involved in running "art servers" - environments that support a blend of creative, experimental, artistic, non-commercial use of the net - or who are thinking about launching an initiative of this kind are invited to participate.

To combine the talks focusing the framework and interrelationships with actual advanced cultural net practice, a net.radio live event is going to be staged with multiple live broadcasting from and to London involving Budapest, Vienna, Lubljana, Riga, Rimini and other cities.

There is no budget to support traveling costs and accommodation of new participants, but we will do our best in seeking additional travel funds or getting visas if necessary. So please don't hesitate to contact Manu [manu@sil.at] or Armin [armin@easynet.co.uk] if you wish to participate or for any other further inquiries.


Beginning of May 98: start of a mailing list for participants (and anyone who is interested) in order to destillate issues

30st of June: arrival of participants in London

1st- 3rd of July: working meetings at backspace, swimming at Hampstead Heath Park ;-)

4th of July at ICA New Media Center: 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.: Public Conference and Panel discussion, presentation of art server activities and of working meeting results, made available as copy-brochure.

8 p.m.: Net.Radio Live Event with ministry:of:x-periment (Slovenia), Pararadio (Hungary), OZOne (Latvia), t0 radio lounge (Austria), radio Lada (Italy), Kunstradio (Austria) a.o.

Confirmed Participants coming to London:

Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits, Peteris Kimelis (tbc): e-lab /xchange /ozone [1]

Marko Kosnik: Institute Egon March [2]

Heath Bunting: irational.org [http//www.irational.org]

Marko Pelijhan, Vuk Cosic, Luka Frelih: Ljubljana Digital Media Lab [3]

Janos Sugar: Media Research Foundation [4]

Borut Savski: ministry:of:x-periment [5]

Daniel Molnar: Pararadio [6]

James Wallbank: Redundant Technology Initiative [7]

Oskar Obereder: Silverserver [8]

Konrad Becker, Marie Ringler: t0 Public Netbase [9]

Micz Flor: yourserver [10]

James Stevens, Kass Schmitt, Rachel Baker, Gio Angelo: backspace [11]

C3 Center [12]

linked-in: Kunstradio, ministry:of:x-periment , Radio Lada, Pararadio, t0 radio lounge, backspace radio, OZOne.

ASU is part of the Festival of Central European Culture. In cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Institute, Embassy of Slovenia, Embassy of Hungary, Arts Council of England.

Initiative-Of / Organisation-By / Reply-To: Manu Luksch [manu@sil.at] and Armin Medosch [armin@easynet.co.uk] 52B Andrews Rd, London E8 4RL T: 0044.171.9238830 F: 9238831